Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

Updates Bullet Style:

*Still working out, no weight loss :(
*Stephen's no longer saying bad words, thank you Papa for the man to boy talk!
*Spring yard work is done. I, and my helper Stephen, have started planting some things. Our pumpkin patch is done and we planted our beans in the garden today.
*I put Aria in big girl undies for a few hours today. I know the best way to approach potty training is all or nothing, no back and forth. But I have decided to wait until she is 2 to get into full blown potty training. It will be more convenient for daycare. But today she had on big girl undies and had no accidents, pooped on the potty (only because I saw the face and quickly plopped her on the potty), and she tried a bunch of times to go peepee. No luck though. I figure she can slowly get used to the idea.
*I am patiently waiting for my friend to give birth. Her last check-up her belly was measuring 45 weeks!!! She will be induced Friday if nothing before then. Hang in there Ruchell!!!