Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I started babysitting again last week for the little boy that I was awhile ago. It will only be Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the past 2 weeks it has only been on Tuesdays because I already had stuff going on. Anyways, last week (the first time I watched him the dad came to pick him up and said he got laidoff and didn't know when he would be going back. So last night I still hadn't heard anything about him coming over today. So I call, no answer. Then I text this morning and yes his is coming. The dad drops him off, "By the way, he is coughing and has a runny nose so there is some medicine in his bag." No big deal, kids always get colds. Well this kid is coughing so much he is choking, and the runny nose is constant green slime running down his face. I don't think I would care so much, but this kid is obsessed with Aria. He wants to kiss and touch her none stop. No thank you!! Why did I say yes to this again?

We've Got a Jumper!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Stephen calls snow "SNOWMAN." So we were outside playing with the snowman. I had to bribe him with fruit snacks to come in because his little hands were freezing but he wanted to stay outside and play.

I survived...

...My first weekend of hunting by myself with 3 kids. Daddy came home deerless, but that is perfectly okay with me. I spent "widows weekend" with my family in Milwaukee. I got the super family discount at Kohl's thanks to Gramma Popcorns lifetime discount. So now I am completely done with Aria ( I could have gotten her nothing and she wouldn't care), Lyhna is almost done (just need a couple toys), and I would like to get Stephen some little plastic dinosaurs then he will be done, Robin is done, Wes is done. All that is left is grandma and papa, my niece, and our exchange gifts for my family. Not a bad start before Thanksgiving.

It seems that we are getting farther and farther away from sleeping through the night. Maybe Aria is going through a growth spurt, or getting some teeth soon. She is back to getting up 2 time a night now, at midnight and 4am for a bottle. At midnight I just gave her the nookie a couple times but she definately wanted a bottle. I was really annoyed by this last night. I thought she did this Saturday night was because we weren't at home and she was in the carseat. I hope this doesn't keep up.

I just realized last night that my little Stephen isn't so little anymore. When I told him to go potty, he did without a fight. When he was all done he came running out saying "Mommy, I pooped!" Sure enough there was a big stinky turd in the potty. Normally I have to watch for the poop signals then tell him to go, not this time. Then, when it was time to get his jammies on he said "No Mommy, I do it." Wouldn't you know he got his pants on all by himself, and the top with very minimal assistance. When did all this start happening? I feel like I will blink my eyes and he will be moving out. Thank goodness he will still be my little buddy for a few more years.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fancy Shmancy

I finally found Lyhna & Stephen's Christmas outfits. I was very disappointed with Targets selection for both boys and girls holiday stuff. Thank goodness for shopko. They will be super cute and all three will coordinate. I've had Aria's since before she was even born. Got to love The Children's Place outlet clearance sales. I got 2 different outfits for $1 each. I can't wait to see them all dressed up. Christmas will be very interesting this year. Three babies 6 months and under, 3 toddlers all 3 and under, and 5 big kids.... C-R-A-Z-Y!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Ready..

...For Snow YET!!!


The first one is Aria playing with a really crinkly bag, really bad parenting. But she loves anything that makes that sound, so what the heck. Then the second is Stephen and Trevor having a dance party on Saturday. Those two have quite the moves.

Weekend Round Up

We had a pretty busy weekend here. Friday I spent at work, then we started out Christmas Shopping for the kids (See previous post). Saturday was spent in the kitchen. We made 2 home made pizzas to take with us to a birthday party that night. Robin also requested more white chocolate chip-chocolate cookies, and then I made baked rigatoni for an early dinner. When we finally made it to the party, we had a blast. Robin and all the other guys were in the basement playing poker, while all the wives and kids were upstairs. Stephen and Trevor (Stephen is about 2 months older) were instantly best buds. They ran around and jumped off the ottoman onto the ground so much they both were covered in sweat. Then there was Aria and Trevor (Trevor is about 2 1/2 weeks older), they sat and smiled at each other and did their little baby talk. It was really cute. Stephen stayed up the entire time, I thought for sure I would be able to get him to crash on the bed with his jammies and blankies, no way. He was happy and running around the entire time.

Aria has really found her voice the past couple of days. It started in church yesterday. Every time there was music or singing, she got really loud and squeaky, as if she were singing too. She was quite the chatter box the whole time. I think I was laughing silently through the whole service. Last night she didn't want to go to bed either, she just wanted to stay up and talk to us. But after such a long night on Saturday, both kids went to bed around 8:30 and they cried together. I am such a mean Mommy!

I posted a couple of pics on Flickr and I am working on 2 new videos, so check back in the next few hours!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Good Start

***Updated Below***

Yesterday we hit the doorbusters sale at Toys r Us and did really well. I think we got a pretty good start on our Christmas shopping for the kids. We ended up mostly getting Stephen stuff, so he is probably half done. My nephew is almost done too. So I feel really good about that.

Stephen is in a funk today. I couldn't get him to eat lunch, and now he is totally fighting his nap. He has been crying for about 15 minutes. I will not go in there and let him out. We are going to a friends birthday party tonight, so he definately needs to take a nap.

***45 minutes and one poopy diaper later he is still crying, not sleeping!!***

Friday, November 14, 2008

Not much going on...

I haven't posted in awhile, really because nothing is new. Aria stopped sleeping through the night, of course. I had a feeling she was just playing me. Stephen is still getting in trouble all the time, but his vocabulary is improving everyday. He actually talks on the phone every now and then to grandmas and daddy. Lyhna got her first report card of the year and is doing wonderfully. Conferences were this week but someone, who shall remain nameless, misplaced our sign up sheet for one. So there were no open spots for us, but apparently she is doing very well and is not letting her social life interfere with her ability to stay on task. That is great to hear after the last two years of comments from her teachers about her being very preoccupied and distracted.

I am hoping to start some Christmas shopping this weekend, since we do not have Lyhna. Kohls is having one of their huge sales today and tomorrow, so I hope to check that out. I really am at a loss what to get the kids this year. Aria is at the age were all she needs is clothes because she is growing like a weed on steroids. Stephen on the other hand doesn't really need any clothes because his Auntie Nay Nay sends tons of hand me downs from cousin Wyatt (thank you btw!!) He has bins and bind of toys already, half of which he doesn't even play with. I suppose that means I need to sort through everything and get rid of some stuff. And then there is Lyhna. She doesn't really play with toys anymore. She is into more crafty and scientific type things. But then again I think she would be perfectly happy with a stack of notebooks and pens, she never leaves home with out those. But she DOES need clothes, because she too is growing super fast. So maybe I will get the clothes shopping out of the way this weekend.

We have our meeting with the pastor tomorrow morning, so hopefully we will figure out when we will be doing the baptisms then. He is quite the talker, so I hope this doesn't drag out forever. Maybe the kids will be horrible and he will speed things along. Is that bad of me to think that?

Hmmm, I think that about sums up our week. Oh, any suggestions on what to wear for our first ever family portrait. I don't really want to do a Christmas theme, although that seems to make the most sense. So that leave coordinating color scheme, but what color is the problem. I think Robin is the pickiest one of all of us so that poses some issues. I will probably go with jeans and white/cream tops. How boring!!!

For nothing going on, this ended up being a really long post. Can you tell I am bored at work?

Saturday, November 8, 2008


After a few months of not trying really hard to sell the Escape, it is finally G-O-N-E!! This kind of weird chick with 3 kids from 3 different dads (why she felt the need to tell us that is beyond me) finally came and bought it today. She has been calling and emailing for a couple weeks. Words can not express how happy I am to no longer have a car payment on a vehicle we very rarely use!! Adios Escape, I will not miss you!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

No Way!

Last night, after almost 4 years of marriage, my darling husband just informed me that I snore and always have. WHAT!! I do NOT snore. I haven't snored since the 2nd grade when I got my adnoids removed. Apparently it is getting worse and is keeping him awake. He said the other night he pinched my nose shut for a couple minutes to make me stop. I had no idea. I can only justify it by saying I am so tired from chasing a 2 year old and almost 5 month old all day, and only getting broken sleep for 4 months. I truely did not believe him at all. There is no way I have snored this entire time. But he swears he remembers the first night we spent together I snored then too. I guess I need to get some breathe right nose strips. Those are really hot, I am sure I won't be able to keep his hands off me with those on.

Fall Fun

Well Rested...

My princess has finally decided to sleep through the night. We figured out a schedule that really works, for now anyways. She gets really cranky between 6-6:30pm and I can tell she is tired. But I never wanted to put her down that early because that meant she would be up an extra time in the middle of the night. Well, I gave in the last two nights and put her to bed early. She woke up around 9-9:30pm for a bottle and a few smiles, then back to sleep for the rest of the night. I am not sure what time she got up yesterday since I was at work, but today she slept until 6:30am. It is amazing how much more rested I feel when I sleep straight through, that broken sleep stuff is crap!! I really hope she keeps this up.

Thank You Aria!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sick of it!!

I am so glad today is the election. I got my mail and there was 6 different political fliers in it. The commercials are rediculous too. I know this is a HUGE election, but I am sick of it!!

Baby news:
  • Aria is consitpated! I was told to give her 1 oz of prune juice in between regular bottles and take her temp rectally to stimulate things. Fun stuff.
  • She is sitting up a lot better these days. She still loses her balance and flings herself backwards and tips over sideways, but is definately getting stronger.
  • She is rolling over more frequently.
  • During her bath last night, I swear she was trying to swim.


We have been going to church for quite awhile now. The kids do really well considering that our church does not have a day care, only a crying room (which has been utilized more than once). Each kid has their own bag of activities and snacks to keep them occupied. Anyways, it is now in the works that Stephen, Aria, and myself will be getting baptized. We don't know the official date or anything yet, but I do know that it will be a Saturday. I will not get up in front of the whole congregation and do it. We are meeting with the Pastor in the next couple weeks to make a plan. I will keep you posted as far as a date goes for those that wish to come support us.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day Light Savings can kiss my a$$!!

Why does the whole world have to get all messed up so the farmers can have more daylight in the spring (or whatever the whole purpose of this crap is)? I can deal with it, but my kids are totally effed up on their schedules now. I am not a morning person, never have been. Well, how nice was it that both my children are wide awake and ready to play at 6am. Before Aria came along my little buddy would sleep until at least 8:30am. Now I am lucky if he stays in bed until 7, whether or not Aria is up. I admit I was totally off last night. Aria is teething and very cranky, so I gave her some baby motrin and put her to bed. Opps! I didn't realize it was only 6:30, I thought it was 7:30 ( 1 hour earlier than normal, not 2). So now that everyone is up so early, nap time is going to be screwed up to. I am debating to whether or not to go to storytime at the library because that will be about the time that the sleepy devil will emerge.

Okay, that was my rant about the time change! All done. Have a great Monday!!