Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Really.... A whole month??

Wow I can't believe a whole month has gone by and I haven't posted. It has also been a month since I moved into the new house. I know I suck and I haven't posted any pictures yet. This whole not having the internet is really cramping my style. So whats new.....

*Divorce was supposed to be final yesterday---but it's not :(
*House is done, with the exception of minor decorating (And whatever my dear old dad needs to work on)
*Halloween costumes are in the works :)
*Got me a new J-O-B!! No weekends---Hell Yeah!
*Aria is getting more diva-licious everyday. And is currently getting 4 teeth-fun fun
* Stephen is going to be the next Tiger Woods. That kid can really whack a golf ball.
*I am down to 1 child in diapers. Stephen has been potty trained for about a year, but he is no longer wearing pull ups at night. LOVING IT!

I feel like I have been insanely busy but when I write it down I guess I really am not all that busy. Typical day in the life of Renee:
Alarm goes off at 4:45am, get kids up and going by 5:30am, out the door by 6:10am, work till 3pm, dinner started by 4:15pm or else the monsters within my children destroy everything in their path, baths at 5:30pm, playtime till 6:30, Aria in bed, stories with Stephen till 7:10pm, hopefully by 8pm both kids are sleeping. Then my chores start and I am in bed by 9:30pm EVERYDAY!!! Wow what a life I have, but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh how could I forget--------The transmission on my van is shot. One of these days I am going to have to take it in and get an estimate. Not that I can afford it if it is more than $100--HA.

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