Monday, June 1, 2009

1st Day = SUCCESS!!

Ready to go to school...

Today went great!! Except for the part when Stephen had a diarrhea accident. Both kids ate, napped, and played awesome! I couldn't be happier. Stephen didn't even cry when I left (he was eating breakfast, so he was distracted), and Aria was a little whiny. My part of the day was extremely long and boring. I was so close to where the kids were that when the teachers took them outside, I could hear Stephen yelling "I see you!" Any every break I had I got to peak in and see how they were doing. I love it!!

Like I said last night, Aria is walking so much better. I was able to get some video today. Its not the greatest since I was by myself. Maybe tonight when LeAnne gets home, and the rest of the kiddos are settled down we can get some better video.

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