Thursday, March 18, 2010

Green Thumb Fever

It's kinda like cabin fever only I am getting VERY antsy to plant my garden. I have spent a good part of my extremely limited free time this week digging out my future garden, with my little "helpers." It started out pretty small, and quickly grew to size of my garage (well the width anyways). I even planted 70 little seedlings in one of those "indoor greenhouse" tray things, and I still need to do more. I have a couple little sprouts already! So far I have: Corn, green beans, big tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, those weird shaped yellow tomatoes, strawberries, pumpkins, and cucumbers. I still want to get bell peppers, green onions,zucchini, some herbs, and I am considering lettuce. I'm going to have veggies coming out of my you know what!!! I can't wait!

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