Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Guess who is "sick" again....Thats right, Stephen. Well, supposedly sick again. I got to daycare Monday morning and he starts coughing and crying. The cough had that dreaded baby seal bark to it, so he was immediately sent home by the daycare teacher. I hadn't planned on a three day weekend, but since I was getting paid for the holiday anyways, I wasn't to upset by it. He already had a doctor appointment scheduled the same day to follow up on the most recent ear infection. Of course we are home for an hour and he is back to normal, running around and bugging his sister by stealing her baby dolls. To make things better, the doctors office calls and cancels our appointment for some "emergency." Oh, and the dr is going on vacation so you will have to wait until next week--AWESOME!

Today I drop them off and the most random thing came out of Stephens mouth. Really I will pay some one $1,000 if their kid has ever said this to them: "Mommy, I have boogies in my ear. Not this one, only this one." WTF?! Can someone please diagnose this one for me? I think we are on the fast track to tube in the ears.

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