Thursday, December 4, 2008

Peas, Squash, Sweet Potatoes...

So far Aria loves peas. I think she would have gobbled down the whole container of them if I would have let her. I ended up giving her half with some cereal, but she definitely wanted more. I am just afraid she will barf it all up if give her anymore. So we will giving her the peas for a couple more days to make sure she is not allergic, then we will move on to something else for 3 more days, then go to fruits. I can't believe she is in the highchair eating solids already. She loves being in the highchair. Now I can just push her around the kitchen with me when I am cooking and she won't be left out. She likes being able to see what is going on and bang her toys on the tray.

Where did the last 6 months go. I feel like it was last week I was pushing her out, and now I have this little person with her own personality, attitude, likes and dislikes, oh and did I mention ATTITUDE!! She doesn't hold bad when you tick her off (who could she have gotten that trait from?)

The gingerbread house is slowly coming along. I have some half way point pics to post a little later. I will be one happy chicka when this thing is done!

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