Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crawling, Good Byes, Layoffs...

Everyday I wake up thinking that today is the day that my monster baby is going to start crawling. To be honest I can't really say how much progress she has made in the last 2 days, I am working 10 hour days on the weekends. I feel like I am missing so much, but at the same time welcome the break with open arms. Aria gets on her hands and knees and rocks/bounces like crazy. She is able to scoot backwards, but that really pisses her off. I was told she managed to scoot4-5 ft on her belly yesterday. It should be an interesting week. I wouldn't be surprised if she is crawling by this coming weekend, just in time to see Grandma and Papa Bee, and the Nolls. The camera is going to be glued to me this week to catch her in action.

This morning we dropped Grandma Carol off at the airport. It is always sad to see her go. Unfortunately Lyhna wasn't able to come with us this time. Usually there are many, many tears when Lyhna comes to the airport. Stephen was sad too. He kept trying to sneak through the security check point to get "one more hug gamma!" We can not thank her enough for coming so Robin and I were able to reconnect and go on vacation. It is so hard not having any babysitter or family close by to give us time for US. So thanks again Grandma!!

The economy sucks so bad. Unfortunately we have been effected by layoffs. Thank goodness it is only temporary during the slow seasons. I suppose one week a month isn't so bad compared to everyone else. This just means that I get to bring home the bacon too. Robin is getting a bigger appreciation for what I do at home, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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