Monday, February 2, 2009

Best Trip Ever...

I uploaded more pictures from our trip onto flickr, so check those out. Here is our trip in a nutshell:
Day one: Chaos, flight from Midway to Ft. Lauderdale, shuttle to the ship, embarkation process (which went pretty smoothly), wonder around the ship to figure out where everything is, get lunch, wait for our luggage to get to the stateroom (wait to see if we were successful in smuggling booze on the ship, we were!!), leave port, eat drink, enjoy!
Day Two: Breakfast, arrive in Freeport- Grand Bahama Island, disembark, get rental car, drive along the coast looking for secluded beaches and snorkeling sites, get rental car stuck in the sand, go to Deadman's Cove-Paradise beach to snorkel and taste grilled conch- delicious, head back to town to wander around the straw market for Dads rasta hats and coconut drinks, back to the ship, hit up the buffet, shower, got to dinner, continue to eat and drink all night.
Day Three: Breakfast, arrive in Nassau, get rental car, drive all along the coast to see where we wanted to go, stopped at Clifton Park (got some amazing pictures of the cliffs), snorkeled at a few beaches, spent most of the afternoon at Gordman's Bay (where we saw the starfish) snorkeling and sleeping on the beach, fish market for more fresh conch dishes, wandered through the straw market to get souviners for the kiddos (got offered some thanks), back to the ship, buffet, shower, dinner, more eating and drinking.
Day Four: My favorite day... Great Stirrup Cay (cruiseline's private island), spent all day on the beach, snorkeling, and hiking all over the rocks and cliffs. Robin saw some giant baracudas and immediately got out of the water, we stayed on the beach side after that. A very relaxing day filled with sunshine, snorkeling and drinking. Back to the boat for more food, entertainment, and drinking.
Day Five: Got kicked off the boat by 8:45am to get on the shuttle again to go to the airport. Sat in the airport for 4 hours, flew home after a 45min delay, then drove another 3-4 hours home. It was great to see the kids again, all were very excited to see us. We got Stephen a Bahama shirt that he wants to wear everyday. He calls it his "obama shirt."

It truely was the greatest trip I ever went on, we will definately be cruising again!!


LeAnne said...

looked relaxing

Ruchell said...

Great! I want a vacation!!