Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9 Months

Well, my baby as been a part of the outside world for as long as it took for her to "cook" in my belly. Where did the time go? She is officially on the move and constantly getting in to stuff. We are still awaiting the arrival of her first tooth. And even more anxious for her to start sleeping through the night. Aria can say Mama, and every now and then I hear Dada too.
9 Month Stats:
Weight-19 lbs 11 oz
Height 27.25 inches
We also got a referal to a dermatologist for a fast growing beauty mark on her back (she can thank Mommy and Grandma for that). I can't imagine they would want to remove it already. But her pediatrican says if you look really close the borders are irregular, so that may mean it will need to be removed. I think we will wait awhile for that though.

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Ruchell said...

I recognize that outfit! 9 months already!!! Yikes!