Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Nap Today

It was a pretty busy weekend in the Donchess house. Friday Robin worked some overtime, then we headed to Oshkosh to look at a new place to live. What a complete waste of time and excitement. The place was probably half the size of where we live now, but with a third bedroom, and a frickin dump too. So to lift our spirits we went out for fish-fry. I don't think we have gone out for a nice fish-fry since I was preggo, I loved it!!

Saturday was even crazier for me. We had our last church class. Wooo-Hoooo! Straight from class I headed to work, then Robin picked me up from work to go out for our friends birthday. Another Saturday night at Kodiak's with free drinks and awesome entertainment. So needless to say it was a long night.

Sunday was pretty low key. I did end up taking Lyhna to see Monsters vs Aliens. Overall, a good kids movie. Possibly one to buy when it comes out on DVD.

On top of all the "festivities" going on, Aria was up Friday and Sunday nights with a fever of 101.9 and higher. My poor baby was burning up and snuggling me most of Friday night. But with the help of Tylenol, she was back to normal Saturday. Then the same thing last night. Fever at night, but great during the day. So the reason for the title today. I am going to take a nap now while the kiddos are sleeping too.

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