Monday, March 2, 2009

If only...

...he was this innocent all the time.

In other news...

*Aria is still NOT crawling. She is a pro at going backwards, sitting up, changing directions, and going backwards again. But still no forward motion. She started to take steps when we hold her up by her hands, so maybe she will skip crawling all together.

*Still NO teeth, although she is gnawing on everything she can get her hands on. She IS babbling like crazy. I swear she tries to mimic what we say, but everything come out "blah, blah, blah!!"

*Oh and how could I forget, she is still NOT sleeping through the night. She will be 9 months next week and I still don't get to sleep through the night!!! The last few nights have been better than the last month or so. I only get out of bed 3 times now, as opposed to 5 or 6. Once for a bottle, the rest for her nookie. (Maybe thumb suckers are better LeAnne!) I am praying that once her teeth start busting through I will have more peaceful nights.

*I am starting my workout regimen again. I have only gone to the YMCA a few times since we got back from our cruise, so it is time to get moving again. We are taking the kids to the daycare there so Robin and I can workout together. He really kicks my butt.

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