Monday, January 5, 2009

I must be psychic

About 8pm last night I said to Robin, "I think we are going to have a rough night." I could tell Stephen was getting a cold that got progressively worse all day, and it got to the point were he could no longer breathe out of his nose. So I just thought he would be whiny and wake up when Aria got up. Well, we did have a rough night but it was Princess Aria that kept me up. She did good until about 1:30am, but then it was about every 2 hours she would start screaming. It has got to be her teeth. I did make her bottles but she just played with them and was gnawing on the nipple (that god it was the bottle and not me anymore!). At 4 I gave up and gave her some iburophen. Then she slept until 8. I wish these teeth would hurry up and come in so we can get some sleep around here.

It is my mission to do some major cleaning today. It seems like I have not been able to keep up since the holidays. It always seems so much harder to get anything done when Robin is home. You would think it would be easier to have the extra help, but it feels like extra work some days. I will be very tempted to take a nap when the kid do today, but I need to CLEAN!

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