Friday, January 16, 2009

Little updates

  • No more diapers for naps. Stephen has stayed dry in his undies all week during his naps!
  • Farting is apparently funny. Stephen tooted the other day, I responded with "What do you say?" Stephen looked at Daddy and said, "Ha Ha!"
  • 10 Days till vacation
  • Aria will only nap in our closet where it is pitch black and silent. Is it some form of abuse to let your baby sleep in the closet?
  • I am down 5 pounds and bikini ready!
  • When Aria gets really excited she bounces on her butt on the floor and can scoot a few inches.
  • I am so sick of puzzles and coloring. I guess I will just have to deal with the mess of playdoh, maybe even painting today (I am feeling adventurous)


Trisha said...

i am so jealous of your upcoming vacation!!! I hope you have such a great time! :)

Ruchell said...

Great job on the 5LBS - can you start eating now??? Please!