Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Night---Okay

I put the pack and play in the living room last night for Aria to have her first night without Mommy running to her every whimper. Midnight rolled around, so far so good. She slept right through the time she usually gets up the first time. Then Mommy was in the bathroom for the next 2 hours because an alien decided to have a sleepover in her tummy. By now it is 3am, I am finally able to get some sleep. 3:15 am, the crying starts. Usually I would get up and give her a bottle. The crying isn't even that bad, not her usually blood curdling screams, but more of a sporadic cry and whimpering. At 3:45 it is starting to get bad and Robin says "I can't take it anymore, she's been crying for 3 hours!!" Ummm, he must have been dreaming or something because it has only been a half hour. Anyway, I gave in and gave her her nookie. Once again there was silence. So all in all it was a good night. She got up a little after 6am, I gave her a bottle, then back to sleep until 8:45. I expected much worse, I just wish she could fall back to sleep without her nookie. One step at a time...We will see what tonight will bring.

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