Monday, October 27, 2008

All done...

Halloween is over for me. We did Trick-or-Treating at my sister's yesterday. It was soooo COLD. Well, the wind is what made it really cold. Poor Stephen had a hard time walking when it was so windy. We got plenty of candy along with playdoh, dolls, and slinkies. It was really great to finally meet my new nephew too. He is still sooo tiny, he made Aria look like a moose. We were able to get a really good group picture will all the kids. I think they would have stayed there another 5 minutes saying, "CHEESE, CHEESE!" It was a long day with no nap for Stephen, so he passed out within 5 minutes of being on the road to go home. We weren't even on the freeway yet!!

Check out lots of new pictures of pumkin carving, playing in leaves at Gramma and Paps's new house, and trick-or-treating!!

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