Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have FEET!

Aria discovered her feet. All day long she is grabbing at them now. Whether she is laying down or sitting in your lap, all she wants are her feet. I am sure they will be in her mouth before long. In other Aria news, she rolled over the other day. She went from her tummy to her back twice in 2 minutes. Of course she hasn't done it since. I also started to give her some cereal at night. Some days she loves it, others she wants nothing to do with it. Some nights she sleeps straight through the night, others she doesn't. I can't seem to figure this kid out. Right when I think I have predictable routine, she switches it up on me. She is quite the diva and runs this house!!

1 comment:

Ruchell said...

Love the socks. She is growing too quick! Love the Halloween costumes you made! You could probably sell thos for Big $$$