Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Robin!!


Today is my darling husbands birthday. I am going to make it as special as possible for him. I already had a little home-made gift waiting for him when he got up at 5:30 for work this morning. (That only happened because Aria gets me up in the middle of the night!!) I plan on making a cookie cake and decorating it, getting balloons and streamers, and a few small presents. I hope to be able to get Lyhna before he gets home from work today too. So when he gets home we will have a mini surprise party for him, with just us. I hope everything works out!!


Robin ruined my surprise for him. As I was coming home from getting all my decorations, I saw him going home too (at 11am!!!) He took a half day and didn't tell me. So I sent him to the gym, then did all the decorations. It still was nice, but not what I had envisioned for the surprise.

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