Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ready for Halloween!!

I am officially done with all 3 costumes. I tried again to go buy a yellow shirt and pants for Stephen, but refuse to spend $30 on something he will wear one time. So I bought a $3 white turtleneck, and some $2 yellow dye and made a yellow turtleneck. Then I used the leftover yellow from the actual costume to make some pants. They will be really itchy, so he can just wear some sweats underneath. I also couldn't find those nerdy athletic socks with the red and blue stripes on them, so I used an old pair of white ones and drew the stripes with marker. Some would say I am cheap, but I prefer to say crafty and frugal!!! I also had to make some minor adjustments to Lyhna's after her costume contest, so hers is done, AGAIN. I am really excited to take Stephen Trick-or-Treating this year. He had fun last year, but I am sure it will be 10 times better this time around. I have been working on getting him to say "trick-or-treat" but I he will say is treat. I am sure he will go to every house and just yell CANDY!! I feel very proud that I am able to make the costumes for my kids. My mom always made ours, I think it is really special to be able to do the same for mine.

While I was out and about today I picked up a few Halloween treats for my favorite niece. I think Stephen is jealous, but he has something very similar. See you guys soon!!

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