Saturday, May 9, 2009

11 Months

We are officially one month away from Aria's first birthday. Everyone says it will go by fast, but it is going at warp speed with two kids. Aria is FINALLY sleeping through the night consistently. I believe she is only days away from walking by herself. She was taking 2 steps today before realizing no one was holding her hand, then crashing to the ground. Still no teeth that can be seen. I swear I will wake up one day and she will have a mouth full of teeth. She was really crabby and whiny today, so maybe those suckers are fixin' to bust through. It doesn't stop her from eating french fries, lasagna, apples, grapes, ravioli... pretty much anything that is on my plate has become fair game for her too. Oh... I think I finally got her to get over her hatred of shoes. I got her some really cute Nike's yesterday that she can't get off on her own. She is readjusting to crawling, standing, and walking with them on. I even left them on during her nap, I am sure it was absolute torture for her. But at least she is used to having shoes on her feet, and just in time for walking.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I am sure it will be amazing just knowing that I have the most amazing kids in the world. But I can't help but be a little sad given my current situation. Good thing we will be busy busy most of the day.


LeAnne said...

whoever took those pictures did a great job

Renee said...

Gee I wonder who that might be ;)