Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interesting Holiday Weekend

For Memorial Weekend we headed up to the cabin. It started out great, my kids were pretty good in the car which is always an added bonus. Then Friday night around 11, papa went to check on all the kiddos. Stephen was sitting up in bed with puke all over him and the bed. He continued to puke about 4 more times until 1am. Once we got a bucket and showed him how to get it in the bucket, it wasn't so bad. I had a rough night though. Every time I heard him move, I jumped up ready to catch the next round of vomit. So that was Friday. Then Saturday, LeAnne and John got sick. They seemed to have it a little worse though, coming out of both ends all day. By this point everyone was bracing themselves, wondering who was going to get it next. Sunday Grandpa got it. I think everyone was ok on Monday, and now today Grandma caught the bug. I am still doing ok, so hopefully it misses me all together.

Other than the pooping and puking, we had a great weekend filled with ATV rides, fishing, swinging, and playing in the sandbox. Another relaxing weekend up at the cabin!

Check out lots of pics on flickr!

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