Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Keeping busy...

Updated Below

I just don't know what to do with myself. Robin has the kids most of this week since he is laid off, so I am bored out of my mind. Yesterday, I went to my best friends for lunch and adult conversation. After that I went and cut Mom and Dad's grass. Since I don't have the kids, I am crashing at their house. My plans for today: eat a donut (all done already), blog (almost done with that), make dinner plans with an old friend, then seal Mom and Dad's basement. I am going to be a painting fool today. I need to keep myself busy, to get my mind off everything that is going on. I pretty much "have all my ducks in a row" when it comes to the big "D" so now I just want to keep busy and my mind occupied. Any one else have any projects that they need completed, I am free till Thursday?

Ummmm.....Yeah that sealing paint sucks @$$! First of all, it is like rolling on really thick glue. And second of all, how the heck am I supposed to get this crap off me?? It is moisture barrier paint, I am going to spend the next 2 hours in the shower trying to get cleaned up. Hopefully I can get it off, I have dinner plans tonight with an old roommate. Can't wait!!

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