Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Enough already

I am soooooo over this "terrible two's" crap. All that comes out of Stephen's mouth is "NO! Don't! and Stop it!" It doesn't matter what I say, the response is always NO. Yesterday to test him I said, "Stephen do you want some candy?" Sure enough he said No No. I know it is just a phase, but holy crap this sucks big time. You better watch out if you dare to say no when he wants his Dora yogurt for every meal. That is when the kicking and screaming really starts. The whining is also driving me crazy. It usually only happens when he is tired. I have read to completely ignore your child when the whine. If you respond to it, it sends the message that it is okay to vocalize wants and needs that way. I am doing my best, but this kid is really testing me lately. Than god Aria is not being so fussy anymore, and is content sitting by herself for a bit longer. Or else I just might blow out my brains.

What the hell what I thinking having a baby when I had a 2 year old???


Ruchell said...

You poor thing! Just give him the Dora yogurt - at least it's a healthful snack! LOL

LeAnne said...

I try and ignore it too - it's hard, but I usually just go to another room. I guess they are allowed to be mad and frustrated so I just let Madisen take out her anger in her room. Eventually she sighs and says "okay, I'm done". I'm sure he'll get to that point too.