Monday, August 18, 2008

Updates from the potty

So far things are going pretty well. I would say that Stephen is definately getting the hang of this whole pee-pee in the potty thing. He does still have accidents, it seems like my timing is off by 5 minutes sometimes. He will sit on the potty for awhile, get up, then a few minutes later I hear "Mommy, potty." But by then its to late. He definately knows when he has to go, I just think that sometimes he just doesn't care if he is wet or not. He no longer fights me when I say its potty time. Yesterday he even woke up from his nap dry and went potty right away for me. That to me is a huge success. Still no poops though. And I still haven't ventured out of the house without a diaper on him. I think I will give it another week, but most times when we get home he is still dry then goes to the bathroom. Overall, I think this is going much better than I expected.

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