Thursday, August 7, 2008

Potty Update

We got all of our potty training supplies yesterday, including little toddler boxer-briefs. He is sooo cute in them. We watched the Elmo potty movie and read a couple books. Then I got out his potty chair and he was sooo excited. All he wanted to do was sit on it the rest of the night. So since he was so excited about everything I decided to try setting the timer for every 20 min, then when it goes off, "It's potty time!!!" He would run to the bathroom and sit on the potty. He actually went in the potty twice and on the floor once in the few hours before bed last night. I couldn't believe it. Maybe it was just luck, we will see how today goes. I can't believe this might actually happen. I am just as excited about it as Stephen.


LeAnne said...

good luck - it only took me a weekend of hardcore potty training and Madisen got it.

Ruchell said...

How exciting!