Monday, November 3, 2008

Day Light Savings can kiss my a$$!!

Why does the whole world have to get all messed up so the farmers can have more daylight in the spring (or whatever the whole purpose of this crap is)? I can deal with it, but my kids are totally effed up on their schedules now. I am not a morning person, never have been. Well, how nice was it that both my children are wide awake and ready to play at 6am. Before Aria came along my little buddy would sleep until at least 8:30am. Now I am lucky if he stays in bed until 7, whether or not Aria is up. I admit I was totally off last night. Aria is teething and very cranky, so I gave her some baby motrin and put her to bed. Opps! I didn't realize it was only 6:30, I thought it was 7:30 ( 1 hour earlier than normal, not 2). So now that everyone is up so early, nap time is going to be screwed up to. I am debating to whether or not to go to storytime at the library because that will be about the time that the sleepy devil will emerge.

Okay, that was my rant about the time change! All done. Have a great Monday!!

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LeAnne said...

Same here. Madisen was up at 5:30 (I guess not TOO much earlier than her usual). But Wes is all jagged up - he was up every 2 hours last night instead of 3!