Monday, November 24, 2008

I survived...

...My first weekend of hunting by myself with 3 kids. Daddy came home deerless, but that is perfectly okay with me. I spent "widows weekend" with my family in Milwaukee. I got the super family discount at Kohl's thanks to Gramma Popcorns lifetime discount. So now I am completely done with Aria ( I could have gotten her nothing and she wouldn't care), Lyhna is almost done (just need a couple toys), and I would like to get Stephen some little plastic dinosaurs then he will be done, Robin is done, Wes is done. All that is left is grandma and papa, my niece, and our exchange gifts for my family. Not a bad start before Thanksgiving.

It seems that we are getting farther and farther away from sleeping through the night. Maybe Aria is going through a growth spurt, or getting some teeth soon. She is back to getting up 2 time a night now, at midnight and 4am for a bottle. At midnight I just gave her the nookie a couple times but she definately wanted a bottle. I was really annoyed by this last night. I thought she did this Saturday night was because we weren't at home and she was in the carseat. I hope this doesn't keep up.

I just realized last night that my little Stephen isn't so little anymore. When I told him to go potty, he did without a fight. When he was all done he came running out saying "Mommy, I pooped!" Sure enough there was a big stinky turd in the potty. Normally I have to watch for the poop signals then tell him to go, not this time. Then, when it was time to get his jammies on he said "No Mommy, I do it." Wouldn't you know he got his pants on all by himself, and the top with very minimal assistance. When did all this start happening? I feel like I will blink my eyes and he will be moving out. Thank goodness he will still be my little buddy for a few more years.

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