Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting my butt back in gear

I have officially started to workout again this week. I forgot how hard it is at first. It's not like when you just slack off for no reason. After you have a baby, muscles are stretched out beyond recognition, some just disappear all together, and forget about cardio endurance. After working out for 2 days, I am so tired I feel like I could sleep for a week. Thanks Trisha for the cardio interval workout, it kicked my ass. The strange part about this, is that I actually like going to the gym this time. I lost track of time, I really liked the fact that I was sweating for a reason. I have always hated working out until now. I can come up with 2 reasons why I am enjoying it:

1. It is my ONLY time I get away from the kids and husband. I'm not "mommy" for an hour a day.
2. I know I'm not having any more kids, so it's not like I am working out for no reason.

Whatever the reasons, I am enjoying it and can't wait to get rid off the jiggles!

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