Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a fairly busy weekend, again. Friday was my birthday, so we had some people over (see previous post for details). Then on Saturday was "Beer Ball". I had never heard of this before so I was a little confused. Basically it is softball with one quarter barrel at first base and a second one at third base. When you get to first you have to fill your cup and finish before you get to third. Then fill it again at third and you must finish it before you get home or you are out. So basically it is an excuse to play softball and get completely wasted at the same time. Surprisingly people didn't get as drunk as I expected and the day ended with only one argument (involving me), Stephen falling off the bleachers, and a broken car window (not ours thank God). I didn't really stick around much for the game. I took the kids swimming since the pool was right next to the field.

Then today was spent entirely at the pool. Stephen loves jumping in and going down the giant slide. It goes pretty darn fast, but he says "weeee!" the whole way down. It is a challenge going to the pool this summer because one of us has to stay with Aria the entire time. Luckily, she usually sleeps though most of the afternoon with the exception of one feeding. But it kind of stinks that we can't all be in the water together. Next summer will be INSANE!

Stephen is getting really good with his speech. His latest sayings are: stop it, baby crying, and sh*t (thanks daddy). He will basically repeat anything you say, so he is just starting to put a few words together. I am sure he will wake up one of these days and start speaking in full sentences.

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