Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. It started out a bit rocky with cranky kids, a trip to the gyno, and a disaster area of a house. But once I got everything spotless for my little birthday get together I was in a much better mood. We had a few friends over for dinner, drinks, and ice cream cake (YUMMY); then it was game time. We played Partini, and of course the women won even though the men tried to cheat. All in all, it was a great birthday. Thank you to everyone that sent a card or a birthday wish my way.

In other news, I have been giving Robin his haircuts lately and have gotten pretty good at it. So I thought that I would try to tackle Stephen to do his hair. It was much more challenging since he doesn't understand the concept of "sit still, don't move your head." I think it turned out pretty damn good. I can now at hair stylist to my resume, along with maid, chef, taxi, teacher, doctor, etc...

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Trisha said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! :) Sounds like you had fun!!!