Monday, July 28, 2008

Somewhat Productive Day

Even though it is now 3:00 and I was finally able to get Aria to sleep I got a lot done today. My major accomplishment was cleaning out the pantry/storage closet in the dining room. It seems to be the place where everything ends up. I think I will sleep better tonight knowing that it is organized once again. I also got a crap load of laundry done. Since we weren't home all weekend again, my chores were ignored. And I actually was able to do a few pages of Aria's scrapbook.

We spent Saturday in Berlin at the annual Bugle Mouth Bass fishing tournament. We didn't fish, but the $1 beer wristbands for all the beer you can drink was worth the trip. Stephen ran around and played the whole time, while Aria slept. The most exciting part of the day was when Lyhna won a raffle for a $200 gift certificate for Mount Olympus in Wisconsin Dells. I can't believe she actually won. So now we have to plan a trip to the dells before the summer is over.

Sunday was spent at the Oshkosh water park all day. For only $4/adult there is 2 water slides, a lazy river, pretty big pool with a play area for toddlers, a sand/water play area, and a separate water jungle-gym area. I took a picture, but it really doesn't do it justice. There are also a couple pictures of Aria hanging out in her stroller while everyone else is playing in the water.

Aria's nap is apparently over and she is starving... Later Gators!

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