Monday, July 7, 2008

Is it colic?

Definition:"one who, otherwise healthy and well-fed, had paroxysms of irritability, fussing or crying lasting for a total of three hours a day and occurring on more than three days in any one week for a period of three weeks."

She is definately well-fed and cries about 75% of the day. The crying is at it's worst after feedings. The only time she isn't crying is when she is eating, sleeping, or in the bath. She gets beat red and sweaty. Her arms fly all over and claws her face. If she is laying on my chest, she can crawl up me from kicking her legs so much. Thankfully, nights have been getting better.

On a positive note though, Stephen is coping very well with all the crying. He will give Aria her nookie, push her in the swing, and give her kisses and hugs. His favorite phrase right now is "uh-oh baby." I have only broke down into tears once so far so I guess we are doing okay. Everything I have read about colic says it usually is gone by 3 months... 1 down, 2 to go.


Trisha said...

Just remember it's nothing that you're doing wrong!!! :) Hang in there. :)

Jon and Amanda said...

I know you don't have a clue who I am, but I am a friend of Ruchell and Nick. Jon Ollmann is my husband. We always check out Brooklynn's blog and I stumbled on yours and just started reading. Now that we have a baby that is 7 months old I love hearing about other babies. I also took a parent class earlier in the year and there were a couple babies in there that the parents thought were colicky and it just turned out to be acid reflex. I didn't know if maybe Aria has already be checked for acid reflex, but I thought it may help if it hasn't been ruled out. Good luck! She is a beautiful little girl.