Thursday, September 25, 2008

16 Days...

....Until a wedding in Green Lake.

I know everyone has seen those commercials for the Special K challenge, the one where you can lose a jean size in 2 weeks. Well I decided to give it a try. I want to lose about 5 more pounds so I don't have that disgusting muffin top when I where my jeans. I have been working out pretty religiously, but the diet is what gets me. I get really crabby when I restrict what I want/can eat. But I am trying it out anyway.

So here is the plan: I start out with a serving of any flavor of Special K cereal with 2/3cup of skim milk for breakfast. Then I get a snack between breakfast and lunch. Lunch consists of another bowl of cereal or a protein meal bar. Then another snack between lunch and dinner. Dinner is a regular healthy meal. And one more snack in the evening. Snacks are the protein bars, flavored protein water, flavor bites, or fruit. You should also eat a serving of fruit with every meal. I will say that all this protein stuff really does make you feel full. I started today and didn't even have the urge to snack on anything else (even the peanut M&Ms Robin was eating in front of me!) One day down, 13 to go. I am going to stick this out, especially since I invested quite a bit of money on all this Special K stuff.

I am going to be smokin' hot at this wedding!!

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