Saturday, September 27, 2008

Biggest F*** Up Ever!

I made the HUGEST mistake at work this morning. I have never ever had a med error, until now I guess. Not just a simple, opps I missed this one. I gave the entirely wrong meds to one guy. They have the same initials so in my way overtired stupor, I got the guys totally confused and gave the wrong meds. I felt horrible when they called me to clarify why I said one guy got his meds, but the other guys were the ones punched out. I had a really hard time trying to sleep today because I was so worried about the guy, and about what would happen to me. So far all is well, everyone makes mistakes; but boy oh boy this was a biggie.

Random side note: You know you are a mom and have no life when you go to Walmart on a Saturday night @ 8:30 to get Swiffer wet jet refills.

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