Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Monday

It was a pretty low key weekend for us. The weather was crappy, so the motivation wasn't there. I did try to find a dress for a wedding we are going to next month, boy was that a mistake. I didn't realize that every single teeny-bopper in the fox valley was out shopping for Homecoming dresses on Saturday. I only tried on one dress and gave up. At one store the line for the fitting room was at least 20 people long. I will have to try to go during the week sometime, when there is much less people.

Stephen started his swimming lessons on Thursday. It went really well. I was surprised that he actually did the skills that he was being taught. The only thing he didn't cooperate with was the jumping in part. That shocked me because the last few times we were able to go to the pools this summer all he did was jump in by himself. I think it had to do with the fact that the water was over his head (Even though Robin was in the water to catch him). 1 week down, 6 more to go.

We spent Saturday in the kitchen. We (mostly Robin) get these crazy ideas to make things from scratch. He has been perfecting his cheese making skills for a few weeks now. Then I started to make ice cream from scratch too. Our latest culinary adventure was making pizzas. I made the dough for the crust, Robin made the sauce, and of course there was the home-made mozzarella cheese. I may be biased, but the first pizza we made was the best pizza I had in a looooong time. I think we made a total of 5 pizzas with one extra crust in the freezer. I am so sick of pizza right now. We didn't eat all 5 by ourselves though. Lyhna had a friend over for dinner, so they got a special made pizza for them. Some friends stopped by on Saturday, so there went another pizza and a half. Robin took one to work today too, so that leaves 2 that we ate by ourselves. They were delicious!

Sunday we went to a friends house for the Packer game. I always get a little stressed out when we go to some one's house that doesn't have kids. I feel like all I do is chase Stephen around saying "no, no don't touch that." And now that we are potty training, that has a whole other set of challenges. I have a mini portable potty, that Stephen did really well with. But he feel asleep on the couch, and I didn't think to wake him up to put on a diaper. I was just to happy that he was quite and staying in one spot. Well, that was a huge mistake. I went to pick him up when we were leaving, and there was a huge puddle on the couch. I guess those rubber undies don't do much when he is sleeping. There are many days when he wakes up from naps dry, so I thought I was in the clear. Again, they don't have any kids, so I felt really bad. They acted like they didn't care, and it was funny, but I still felt awful. I cleaned it up as best I could, but I am sure it soaked in the cushion pretty good.

How was everyone else's weekend?

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