Monday, September 22, 2008

Great Weekend!

We took the family down to Cedarburg on Saturday for their annual Wine and Harvest Festival. I had a great time. Who wouldn't when you can buy a bottle of wine and walk around the streets drinking it all day. There were tons of little shops to go in, and the usual craft/food stands all along the street. It was around 80 degrees, so we all got a bit sweaty (Again I was glad to have my wine with me!) Lyhna had a blast because there were a couple spots to "mine" for gems along the way. She has quite the collection now. Stephen did really well too despite the heat and being strapped in the stroller most of the time. There were just to many people to let him walk with us, he definitely would have gotten trampled.

After the festival we spent the night at gramma and papa's house.(Probably for the last time, they sold the house) My sister, bro-in-law and niece came over for dinner and nice quality family time. Stephen had a blast running around and jumping with Madisen. There were minimal altercations from Stephen (he is quite the bully these days.) It was great to see everyone, it has been awhile since we all got together. My sister is ready to pop any day. I was secretly wishing she would go into labor that night, since we were already there it would have been mighty convenient. Little Wesley had his own plans though.

Sunday we stopped by my friend Ruchell's for a quick visit. She hasn't met Aria yet, so of course we went over there. It was great to see her too. We definitely don't get to see each other often enough! After Ruchell's we stopped at gramma and papa's "new house." That is were the real excitement took place. After we got the tour of the construction zone, we ended up in the garage. We were just chit-chatting when all of a sudden Robin yells "Stephen watch out!!" I turned to look and in slow motion the old kitchen cabinet came crashing down on him. Robin tried to catch it, but it still crashed down. Luckily the doors opened up and would have missed him completely but I think when Robin tried to catch it one of the doors smacked him. Still, he escaped with out a bruise or scratch on him. I think it scared him more than anything. And with that, we decided it was time to head home where everything is locked up and child-proofed.

It was a great weekend, now I am back to work since Robin is off this week. I am putting in almost 40 hours!! It has been a long time since that happened.

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LeAnne said...

of course once we got home and laid down those contractions stopped :(