Monday, September 8, 2008

A sad yet happy transition

Initially my goal was to breastfeed Aria for 6 months, but with me going back to work the weaning has started. Actually, she is doing the weaning not me. I am no longer able to pump enough to sustain her while I am gone at work all day. So she has been getting formula when I am not home. She is so used to drinking from a bottle that she is getting to impatient to nurse long enough to fill her up. I am still nursing when she gets up during the night and first thing in the morning, but that is pretty much it. She will be 3 months tomorrow, and that is pretty darn good in my book.
In other news, I am very excited to get going on the kids halloween costumes this year. Of course Stephen is going to be Spongebob Squarepants. And I am thinking that Aria will be Patrick Star, Spongebob's BFF. I think it will be really easy to make Aria's: Make a giant star of pink fleece or felt, make a hole for her face, stuff the top part so it sticks up, and put in a zipper-Piece of cake. Plus she should be nice and cozy in it. But I am still undecided on how to do Stephen's. There is the obvious cardboard box idea, but will that be to uncomfortable for him? Then I found a picture of one made out of a brown paper grocery bag with the felt over it to make it look like spongebob. The bag was stiff enough to hold the shape (plus I think with the glue and felt it would get a bit stiffer). Here is the link to the paper bag idea. I think It looks good enough for a 2 year old that will probably only wear it for a half hour:

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