Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bye Bye Toys

Well, I am following in my sisters footsteps. Today I took all of Stephen's toys out of his room. The breaking point was when I took him out of his car seat, then went to get Aria out. In a matter of 5 seconds when I took her in the house he was gone. I found him in the back of our building running up and down the hill. Maybe I should have just taken his bike away, but this has been a long time coming. For the last couple weeks nap and bedtime have been horrible. The kicking and screaming, the banging on the wall, the turning on the light and playing, the list goes on. So all of his toys are in our closet, and I just need to get a special bi-fold door lock for his closet to keep him out of Lyhna's stuff. I really wish there was a child-proof light switch. I have searched everywhere and can't find one. If anyone knows of any tricks, please let me know. I am out of ideas. Tape doesn't work, the only thing I haven't done is take out the light bulbs. He has also started to bite and hit everyone (except Aria, thank god). Basically he is totally defiant in every way.

We started to take the kids with us to the YMCA again, instead of Robin and I taking turns. Aria, the one I was concerned about, slept the entire time. Stephen on the other hand, cried the whole time. He was really excited when we first got there. The whole walk from the car to the day care he kept saying "Mommy, I play!" And he took off the second we opened the door. But once he realized we left is when the meltdown started. I kept peeking in the window (they are those mirrors that the kids can't see out, but I can see in) to check on them and every time he was screaming by the door. We are going to try again today, I hope it just takes some time for him to get used to it again.

Also, Stephen is starting his swim lessons this week. They are every Thursday night for 7 weeks. I am sad that summer is over and all the pools are closed. Stephen was really getting the hang of jumping in the pool by himself and even going under water while holding his breath. So I hope he really likes this. I wish I could get him in some form of karate or martial arts to burn off all his energy, but you have to be 4 for those. And unfortunately all the pre-k/toddler classes are at different YMCAs. Maybe more will be offered during the second section of the fall classes.


LeAnne said...

I had the same problem with the light switch... The easiest route is to take the bulbs out and buy just a simple lamp you could put on a dresser that he can't reach. I ended up getting a ceiling fan just for this reason so that I could control the light from the fan since she was turning her lights on in the middle of the night.

little said...

Hope this helps....