Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time Flies

Where do I start? Aria is almost 3 months old already! Lyhna starts the 4th grade today! And Stephen is almost completely out of diapers!

Last night I realized that it is already time to change out some of Aria's clothes. All the premie and newborn clothes that seemed so big on her when we first brought her home look tiny now. So it is time to get out the bins of clothes from everyone and put back the small stuff and get out a new batch of bigger stuff. She is smiling and cooing more and more everyday. And the best part of all is that she has been sleeping through the night more and more.

I really can't believe that Lyhna is in the 4th grade already. The last 2 years have been kind of rough for her in school. She (like I was) is one of the younges in her class, so her teachers think that she is behind emotionally. I tend to agree sometimes, but sometimes she acts like a teenager. I had a talk with her over the weekend about trying her hardest to have a good school year. No forging signatures in her assignment notebook, no "forgeting" her homework at school most days of the week, basically to take resposibility for her actions and stay focused. I have high hopes for her, she is soooo smart when she wants to be. I think this year will be a challenge to keep her focused since her classroom isn't even a room. It is a section of the library blocked off by bookcases. Only time will tell how things will go.

Now for Stephen. We aren't having as many meltdowns anymore. I think a big part of it was that he couldn't express what he wanted. Now that he is talking so much better, he is able to tell us what he wants or what is wrong. Potty training is going great. We still have some accidents, but he realizes when he starts to go and can stop himself then finish in the potty. We still haven't gotten any poop in the toilet though, but we are getting closer. Over the weekend he was in the bathroom and shut the door so I knew something was going on in there. I left him alone for a couple minutes and when I opened the door guess what I saw. A giant log on the floor! I was very tempted to take a picture, but then I had visions of Jon and Kate Plus 8 so I decided against it. We have started venturing out for little trips in his big boy pants too. He has stayed dry every time so far. So now it is just diapers for naps and bed time. My little boy is growing up!!

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